Towne Square: Our Community’s Central Spot

Any visit to Crane’s Mill starts with Towne Square—the community’s central spot for activities, dining, entertainment, and more!

Towne Square – the center of it all

A short, indoor walk from every apartment, Towne Square boasts a number of important destinations for our residents’ daily life. Each of our dining venues are located right in Towne Square. So, if you’re interested in a five-course, restaurant-style dinner in the Candleberry, a quick a-la-carte bite from the Heartwood Cafe, or groceries from the Corner Market, you simply follow the signs toward Towne Square.

Fitness and exercise are paramount as we age, and our gym and indoor pool are located just around the corner in the north end of Towne Square. We have aquatic fitness classes, water walking, and water aerobics in the pool, and a personal trainer and high-tech equipment in the gym.

Hinman Hall is right near the main entrances, and plays host to a variety of programs each week ranging from morning fitness classes and afternoon dance to informational lectures and live entertainment.

Bridge is a popular game at Crane’s Mill

For those looking to relax and spend time with friends, the Cherry Blossom Lounge provides a rich, club-like environment for games of Bridge and big screen TVs to watch the game.

Plus, we have a changing art gallery (this month we’re showcasing works from the Millburn Short Hills Art Cetner ), a bountiful library, and our resident-run Gift Box.

So, when you visit Crane’s Mill, be sure to take a walk around Towne Square and explore all the community’s central spot has to offer.

Celebrating Crane’s Mill – A Closer Look at the Exhibit by Lynne Palmer

Join us for a closer look at “Celebrating Crane’s Mill”, Lynne Palmer’s exceptional Crane’s Mill-themed exhibit.

After speaking with Lynne Palmer about her exhibit, she graciously allowed us to photograph and share the paintings with you, our readers.

We are thrilled to display them here. These represent just some of the great pieces on display in the Towne Square Gallery until August 30. We encourage you to stop by to view them for yourself.

Celebrating Crane’s Mill – Exhibit by Local Artist and Crane’s Mill Resident Lynne Palmer

This month in the Towne Square Gallery, Crane’s Mill residents and guests can enjoy a colorful oil and watercolor interpretation of the campus in an exhibit titled “Celebrating Crane’s Mill”.

Local artist and Crane's Mill resident Lynn Palmer poses with one of 50 paintings in the "Celebrating Crane's Mill" exhibit.

Local artist and Crane’s Mill resident Lynn Palmer poses with one of 50 paintings in the “Celebrating Crane’s Mill” exhibit.

The featured artist is Crane’s Mill resident Lynne Palmer, who began to embrace her artistic side full-time after retiring in 2008 from a 40-year career as a social worker. Lynne’s exhibit is a thoughtful yet whimsical collection of the community’s people, landscapes, and wildlife.

The resident portraits shine as a vibrant reminder of the community’s personality. “I chose to paint friends and neighbors with whom we have a true connection,” said Lynne, who moved with her husband Archie from Glen Ridge to Crane’s Mill in 2013.

The artist displays a distinct style, a wide range of talent, and a love for her new home, all of which are evident in such paintings as Into the Woods, a watercolor scene showcasing the community’s snow-covered grounds, and Sunrise Over 315, an early-morning oil painting featuring the rich reds and oranges of a morning sky over the Palmer’s own cottage.

Mrs. Palmer, who has studied at the Oakside Cultural Center, the Yard School at the Montclair Art Museum, and The Art Garage, also hones her skills by participating in the weekly Crane’s Mill Artists’ Enclave—a Saturday morning program at Crane’s Mill in which a number of artistically inclined residents meet to paint and share inspiration.

“It’s important to continually work at your craft to improve,” explained Lynne. “I paint almost every day.”

“Celebrating Crane’s Mill” is on display until August 30th at the Towne Square Gallery at Crane’s Mill, 459 Passaic Avenue, West Caldwell, New Jersey. For more information please call 973-276-6700.

This Month in the Towne Square Gallery: November 2013

A PASTEL EXHIBIT FOR NOVEMBER – The Towne Square Gallery at Crane’s Mill welcomes another exciting exhibition.

A pastel exhibit runs all November long at Crane's Mill

The Pastel Society of New Jersey returns this month to our Towne Square Gallery.  The Society was founded in 2005 to highlight the work of influential pastellists who live here.  Although some were members of the Pastel Society of America, they had no state organization for support.  Since 2005, the organization has grown impressively.

The mission of the society is to “secure the membership of artists dedicated to pastel painting, exhibit pastels of professional quality, expand the opportunities for artists working in pastel through exhibits and information, and promote public interest in traditional dry pastel painting in New Jersey”.    To learn more, check the website     Pastel is a pigment that has been combined with a liquid binder such as a gum to form a paste that is shaped into sticks and allowed to dry.  The result is similar in appearance to colored chalk, although most pastels contain no actual chalk—just pigment and gum.  The amount and type of binder present determines whether the pastel will be classified as hard or soft; most pastellists rely on soft.

Pastel requires a surface with some “tooth” so that the pigment will stick.  Most pastel artists work on some form of paper—either a paper with a naturally rough texture or else a paper that has been prepared with pumice or some other gritty substance.  It is possible to prepare wood or other surfaces for use with pastel.  The rougher the surface, the more pastel it can take.

Pastel as a medium was first popularized in the early 18th century, and the impressionists Edgar Degas and Mary Cassatt brought it renewed attention.  The current interest in pastel began in the 1970’s with the formation of the Pastel Society of America.

Mary Koether, Gallery Coordinator

Thank you to Mary Koether for providing this article to the Millstream, our community’s monthly resident newsletter.



Towne Square Art Gallery Hosts Award-Winning Photographers

All month long, residents and visitors alike can enjoy award-winning photography in the Towne Square Gallery. Special thanks to Gallery Coordinator Mary Koether for providing the article below.

Just a small part of the Towne Square Gallery at Crane's Mill. This month's exhibit features over 50 beautiful photographs.

“Images Times 5” is the title of this month’s Towne Square Gallery exhibit. For the third year, photographer Charles Miller returns with friends bringing examples of different uses of photography. In addition to Terri Hood and Gene Flematti who came last year, Charles is joined by Carol Albers and Susan Mills.

Charles is an award-winning photographer and digital artist who exhibits throughout the state. He tries to find a new and unique beauty in a subject. It may be an extra-close look at a familiar object or an artistic manipulation of an image. He also does many floral and natural images.

Terri Hood’s interest is in fine art, still life and landscape photography. She has won several national and international competitions wiht her still life work.

Eugene Flematti is a retirement businessman who now concentrates on photography, his favorite pastime while he was working. His images include subjects from nature as well as objects of beauty.

Carol Albers is a fine art photographer from Morris County. For her, “art is about feeling and perspective in life. If I can translate the peaceful meditation that nature provides for me, to inspire peace in you, I have succeeded.”

Susan Mills finds her photographic inspirations in nature and architecture. She is fascinated by the interplay of light and shadow and works primarily in black and white so that she can explore these elements of composition.

-Mary Koether, Gallery Coordinator

The Towne Square Gallery is open every day from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Please call the concierge at 973-276-6700 for more information.