Crane’s Mill Thanked by Verona Man

A Verona resident recently needed rehab in our Sub-Acute Rehab department. We are proud to share this letter letter he sent to us after his stay.

“I found the following employees particularly outstanding: Devisha Patel, physician assistant; Laurel Fastow, social worker; Rose, Rosa, Terry and especially Cathleen, all wonderful nurses; Pierre, Carmelita and Selwin, all nursing assistants; and Pat from dietary and her entire kitchen staff. They were all great.

I also want to thank Michael Maykish and his rehab staff on the way they helped me during my stay at Crane’s Mill, especially Nino and Jigigha. I also want to make note of Ajshe, Rose, Narse, and all of the wonderful housekeeping and laundry ladies. What a great place.

Mercy Gonzalez, Administrator, you have a wonderful team.”

John L.
Verona, New Jersey

West Orange Resident Thankful for Care Received at Crane’s Mill

Crane’s Mill is open to members of the outside community for direct admission into our sub-acute rehabilitation unit. To read more letters from residents and family members, visit the Crane’s Mill Reviews page.

“I am a resident of West Orange, and recently needed to go to a sub-acute rehab facility. I selected Crane’s Mill in West Caldwell, and it was very beneficial for my recovery. I found that most of the people that I had contact with were very knowledgeable and helpful with their job responsibilities.

I would especially like to make note of Michael Maykish and his rehab staff on the way they helped me during my stay at Crane’s Mill. In the beginning I was very apprehensive and insecure with respect to my rehabilitation progress. Michael spoke to me about Crane’s Mill and what his department was in charge of ensuring patients to perform their mobile functions properly. The discussion enabled me to feel much better about myself.

I would also like to mention some of the people I worked with whom I have very high respect for within the therapy group. These people were very knowledgeable, kind, considerate and helpful. The therapists explained that after my discharge, it was necessary to continue exercising the routines they performed with me. The therapists I would like to mention are Sofia, Lisa, Jason, Nino, Terrill and Lorie, all responsible caring, outstanding professionals. Moreover, I would be remiss if I did not mention two employees that helped me recover more quickly from my illness – Pierre, my nursing assistant, and Chickee, one of the head nurses.

In closing, I would definitely recommend and advise others of the fulfilling experience. Thank you.”


August M.
West Orange, New Jersey

East Hanover Resident Praises Crane’s Mill Rehab Department

We just received this testimonial from a Crane’s Mill sub-acute rehabilitation patient from East Hanover, New Jersey.

An excerpt of a Crane’s Mill resident testimonial.

“Crane’s Mill Thanked for Rehab Work”

As a resident of East Hanover, I wanted to thank the staff at the Crane’s Mill Health Center in West Caldwell for the care I received last month. I went to Crane’s Mill for additional rehab after I was discharged from Kessler in West Orange.

I want to say a special thanks to Rose and Folake of the nursing staff, Nino of the rehab department, Rebecca of the speech therapy department, Christina of the admissions department, Laurel, the social worker, and Pat of the dietary department. All of these individuals were very professional, courteous, and very caring. Thanks to their efforts, I was able to return home, and I am continuing to improve.

I would recommend Crane’s Mill to anyone. Thank you.

Gene P., East Hanover, NJ

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Crane’s Mill Health Center Receives Praise from Resident’s Family

The Health Center at Crane’s Mill, offering assisted living, skilled nursing, memory care, and sub-acute rehabilitation, received another touching letter from a resident’s family.

We recently received the following letter from a Crane’s Mill resident’s family and are happy to present it to you here. For more testimonials from our residents and their families, you can visit the Crane’s Mill Reviews Page on our website.

My wife and I want to convey our sincere thanks to the staff at the Health Center at Crane’s Mill. Our aunt, Julia, moved into the Crane’s Mill retirement community in 2011 as an independent resident. She spent more than a year in that vibrant setting. She enjoyed many of the activities and social interactions.

In September of 2012, she was admitted to the skilled nursing unit at the Health Center at Crane’s Mill where she spent the last 13 months of her life. During that time, she was treated with professionalism, kindness, caring, and respect. Her primary care nursing assistant, Betty, always had her clean, well-groomed, and showed a true concern for her.

Laurel Fastow, the social worker, organized care plan meetings, and always kept us, her family, updated on her condition and her needs in a professional and knowledgable manner. In fact, the entire nursings staff—the nurses, the nursing assistants and other caregivers were very compassionate, understanding, and interested in our aunt’s condition.

When Aunt Julia passed away last month, we were comforted that she received the best care, and we would recommend Crane’s Mill to anyone. Thank you.

Wayne, New Jersey