Snow Covered Car? Let Crane’s Mill do the Heavy Lifting!

Did you know that Crane’s Mill residents enjoy the luxury of never having to shovel, scrape, or brush ever again?

You've spent enough winters cleaning snow off your car.

Each winter, our maintenance department and dedicated landscaping team are on stand-by at the first sign of a snowfall. For residents who park outside (there is garage parking available in Creekside and our cottages), our staff cleans off the resident’s car, cleans out the parking space, and puts the car back in the spot, ready for it’s next outing to the grandkids house or holiday shopping trip.

This is just one of many winter season services provided by our team to our residents. Perhaps best of all, these services are 100% included in our residents’ monthly maintenance fees.

Ready to learn more about how Crane’s Mill keeps its residents safe, active, and healthy all year long? Click here to send us an email or call 973-276-3001—we look forward to hearing from you!

The Wellness Center

Crane’s Mill residents enjoy the convenience and peace of mind of having the wellness center just a short, indoor walk from their apartment.

A Crane's Mill resident visits the Wellness Center

You may already know that our medical director, Dr. Pradip Shah, and wellness director, Cindy Lin, both have offices in our Wellness Center. But did you know that an array of other visiting doctors and services utilize the wellness office on a weekly basis?

We frequently have podiatrists, chiropractors, gastroenterologists, and making use of the office for our independent living and health center residents.

Plus, if a resident has a prescription for lab work, they can have their blood drawn right at the wellness office. Instead of waking up in the morning and driving to a lab after an evening of fasting, our residents can take the indoor walk to the wellness center, have their blood drawn, and stroll over to the Heartwood Cafe for breakfast. Now that’s convenient!

For more about the Wellness Center and other Crane’s Mill services available to our residents, click here to send us an email or call 973-276-6700.

The Gift Box: Refreshed and Open For Business

The Gift Box is the resident-run gift shop at Crane’s Mill. After a short hiatus, it’s back and better than ever.

The Gift Box—Open for Business

Have you ever discovered you’re low on shampoo, but don’t feel like taking a trip to the store? Have you ever realized your nephew’s birthday is fast approaching, and you need to mail a card today?

What if the convenience of a cozy little shop was a short, indoor walk from from your front door? That’s the reality for Crane’s Mill residents, as they enjoy the convenience of the Gift Box. Located in Towne Square, the Gift Box is run completely by resident volunteers, and offers an array of convenience items, gifts, greeting cards and more. Additionally, special merchandise and gifts change with the seasons.

As we posted earlier, the Gift Box is one of a few common spots receiving a facelift. The Gift Box received new carpet, paint, fixtures and more! The doors opened on Tuesday, March 26th, and the Crane’s Mill Courier was on-hand moments before the grand opening to snap pics of the newly renovated space. We’ve also included some “under construction” photos—enjoy! (Check back soon as we’ll give the same special treatment to our Library and Beauty Salon/Barber Shop)

Home Improvement: Crane’s Mill Library, Gift Box and Beauty Salon

Crane’s Mill is always improving its residents’ way of life. Right now, three fun areas of the campus are getting a face lift.

The Crane's Mill library is under renovation, and re-opening this week!

You may know that Crane’s Mill has a library, gift shop and beauty salon/barber shop right on campus. What you may not know is that all three of these spots are getting a makeover as we speak.

The library is a go-to location for residents on a daily basis. Completely run by resident volunteers, the library offers daily newspapers, computers with internet access, a copy machine, printers and more. Of course, there is a wide selection of fiction, non-fiction and reference books for an endless supply of page-turning learning and fun. The library’s renovation includes new carpet, paint, countertops, signage and more!

We can't wait to show off our newly renovated areas!

The Gift Box is also resident-run, with members of our community volunteering as much as once or twice per week or as little as a couple of hours a month. The Gift Box offers our residents a convenient location to pick up all sorts of handy items including greeting cards, candy, soap, and shampoo. There is an ever-changing array of offerings around the holidays, and a staff favorite includes unique jewelry such as handmade earrings. There are rumors of some brand-new product offerings coming after the new carpet, paint and shelving are complete!

The beauty salon and barber shop, located one floor below Towne Square, is truly a resident favorite. Staffed by professional beauticians, the salon is full service, so you can have your hair cut, washed and set, get your nails done, and men can take a little off the sides—all without going outside to get to your appointment.

Once complete, we will have a number of photos from each step of the process, so stay tuned! If you want to see the new spaces in person, please call us at 973-276-3001 or click here to send us an email—we look forward to hearing from you!

Crane’s Mill Residents not Missing a Beat Despite One Foot of Snow from Winter Storm Nemo

At Crane’s Mill, our residents have seen their share of New Jersey winter weather.

We’ve covered how Crane’s Mill makes snowfall seem like sunshine for our residents—all the wonderful services and amenities of Towne Square are connected to every apartment. So, food shopping at the Corner Market, lunch at the Heartwood Cafe, Dinner at the Candleberry, exercise in the gym and a dip in the pool are all a short, indoor walk from your front door.

Plus, that snow-covered car you’ve been dreading cleaning off? Our maintenance team cleans off your car, shovels your space, puts your car back into its space. (Editor’s note: The team is out there shoveling and scraping as I write this article.)

Please enjoy the snowy sights of the Crane’s Mill campus. First, a lovely shot of Creekside, our community’s newest addition. Then, take a look at what is perhaps our oldest feature, the pond on the west side of our campus. Finally, some fun shots from inside our greenhouse. The plants on the outside must be “green” with envy of the blooming flowers just inches from their snowy leaves.

Remember to click on each photo to view a larger version: