About Our Neighbor: West Essex Park

West Essex Park is literally right in our backyard here at Crane’s Mill

West Essex Park – next door to Crane’s Mill

You may already know that Crane’s Mill is a 48-acre oasis that combines the natural beauty of a Certified Wildlife Habitat with an upscale residential retirement setting.

What you may not know is that our nature walking trails on the west end of our campus lead directly into West Essex Park—home to over 1,300 acres of parkland including an environmental center, boating and canoe landings, golf driving range, and so much more! Plus, birdwatchers know West Essex Park as a destination to see some of their more elusive feathered friends.

For more on West Essex Park, please visit the Essex County Department of Parks, Recreation, and Cultural Affairs.

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Outdoor Activities for Seniors – Some Fun Ideas!

It’s been a long, cold stretch, but spring is just a stone’s throw away! Here are some great tips on how to get outside and have some healthy fun as the warm weather rolls in!

A Crane's Mill resident enjoys a cup of coffee on the patio.

Just some of the tips include attending a sporting event, having a picnic, or bird watching!

The latter is perfect for Crane’s Mill residents—we’re located on 48 acres with a Certified Wildlife Habitat and pond, and we have walking paths leading right into the renowned, 1,300 acre West Essex Park! Birders have come to the area for decades to take in the array of wildlife in the area.

Follow this link for more outdoor activity ideas for seniors!