Happy Hanukkah from Crane’s Mill

Wishing you and yours a very happy Hanukkah!

The Jewish festival of lights begins this evening. Our residents are kicking off the celebration this afternoon with a special Hanukkah program in Hinman Hall.

Want to learn more about Hanukkah? Check out this fantastic FAQ about the holiday by clicking here. It contains lots of answers to common questions about this annual eight-day celebration.

Check Out Our Residents’ Train Room – A Holiday Tradition

Each year, a group of industrious residents sets up an extraordinary train room for the holidays. Our residents and staff love to visit and marvel at the miniature world our they create.

Complete with 3 working engines, the trains follow twists and turns around a mountainside (with skiers), a lumber mill, brewery, train stations (with eager passengers), residential neighborhoods, a hotel, a downtown, and so much more!

One could spend hours picking out new and exciting to-scale scenes. We were able to snap some photos…enjoy!


Honoring our Veterans

Today is Veterans Day, and we pay special attention to a group of real American heroes.

Please join us in honoring our country’s veterans today. They are responsible for protecting the freedoms which we all hold dear.

At Crane’s Mill, many of our residents have served across the different branches of the military. Each year, we look forward to seeing their photos and hearing stories of their time in the service, in training, and when stationed overseas.

For more on the history of Veterans Day, you can click here to visit the US Department of Veterans Affairs website which has a complete account, along with resources for veterans and their families.