Live Tonight in Hinman Hall: Sylph Chamber Music Trio

Our residents are excited to welcome this renowned trio to our very own Hinman Hall!

Crane’s Mill is well-known for having top entertainment just a few (indoor!) steps from our residents’ front door, and tonight is no exception.

This evening, we welcome the Sylph Chamber Music Trio for what promises to be a delightful performance. Chamber music is just one of our residents’ favorites, and this New York City-based group is simply wonderful.

You can visit their website by clicking here—be sure to navigate over to the “recordings” section to hear a number of samples from their performances!

Live Tonight in Hinman Hall: Harmonium Choral Society

Crane’s Mill is proud to welcome another night of exceptional live entertainment! It’s always fun, and always free for our residents!

Tonight’s special guest performers are the Harmonium Choral Society, an exceptional chorus from nearby Morristown, New Jersey.

They’ve performed here in the past, so we know we are in for a treat!

To see their performance schedule and to learn more about the group, visit their website.

Successful Aging Programs at Crane’s Mill

At Crane’s Mill, specialized staff, programming, clubs, and committees are dedicated to providing the technology and support needed so that all residents can remain active and healthy.

Examples include:

  • The Telesensory Machine in our library magnifies text and images up to 50 times to help those with low vision or vision impairment.
  • The Hearing Loop in Hinman Hall amplifies sound directly into a person’s hearing aid, so residents can better hear guest speakers, musicians, and more.
  • The Crane’s Mill campus, including all common areas, is fully accessible for any mobility level.

To learn more about how Crane’s Mill is always working towards giving our residents the very best retirement experience, call us at 973-276-6700 or click here to send us an email.

A Crane's Mill resident uses the Telesensory Machine in our library.

A Crane’s Mill resident uses the Telesensory Machine in our library.

Live Tonight in Hinman Hall: Sinatra & His Friends!

Our residents are lining up to enjoy the music of Frank Sinatra as well as other members of the “Rat Pack” at tonight’s live musical performance in Hinman Hall!

Tonight, Donnie Farraro returns to Crane’s Mill as the incredible voice of Frank Sinatra, except this time he is bringing a few friends along for the ride!

We can’t wait —should be a swinging good time!

Also—be sure to check out our Millstream page to see what our residents are up to. The calendars is updated every month with hundreds of activities, programs, trips, outings, performances, and more!

Live Tonight in Hinman Hall: The Music of Tchaikovsky!

For Crane’s Mill residents, live entertainment in Hinman Hall is always included.

Imagine having your very own concert venue, lecture hall, auditorium, meeting room, and more—all rolled into one! That’s the reality for Crane’s Mill residents who enjoy having Hinman Hall—a lovely and versatile multi-purpose room—just a short, indoor walk from their apartments!

Tonight, like many Thursday nights, Hinman Hall will play host to a live musical performance. This evening’s program is The Music of Tchaikovsky. The Millstream newsletter describes the event:

Pianist Inna Leytush returns to Crane’s Mill with two very talented sopranos for a concert that pays tribute to the great Russian composer, Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky.