Happy New Year from Crane’s Mill!

Happy New Year to you and yours!

Some fun hats to ring in the New Year

Some fun hats to ring in the New Year

Our residents are ringing in the 2018 in style. First, there’s a special New Year’s Cocktail Party in Towne Square. It’s an annual tradition, complete with passed hors d’oeuvres and a raw bar with ice sculpture.

Then, dinner is served in the Candleberry Dining Room and Heartwood Cafe, where residents are welcome to bring the wine or spirit of their choice.

Finally, the night really takes off with a performance from the Dean Tomanelli Jazz Trio. Mr. Tomanelli has performed at Carnegie Hall, The Rainbow Room, The Plaza Hotel, The Waldorf Astoria, and many other famed venues. Tonight, he brings his talents back to Hinman Hall to show our residents the range of his repertoire (and maybe take some requests, too!).

We hope you have a wonderful New Year’s Eve, and more importantly, a happy, healthy, and fun year to come.

Lunch at the Heartwood—Something for Everyone!

Essex County Senior Living Community Crane’s Mill offers its residents the freedom of a flexible meal plan so they can dine where and when they please.

A wide view of The Heartwood Cafe

Crane’s Mill residents enjoy the freedom of enjoying freshly cooked meals for breakfast, lunch, or dinner by using their flexible meal plan. The meal plan features enough money each quarter so a resident can enjoy a five-course meal in the Candleberry Dining Room every single night.

However, many residents choose to use their meal plan for breakfast, lunch or dinner at the Heartwood Cafe—a cafeteria-style eatery that offers a wide array of a-la-carte choices, including each night’s Candleberry featured entrees.

Lunch is an especially delicious time of day at the Heartwood Cafe. There are hot entrees, a full salad bar, fresh soups, homemade pizza, a short-order grill (think chicken, hamburgers, salmon, and more), and made-to-order deli sandwiches (with homemade potato chips that are truly outstanding!).

On top of all those choices, here’s a look at some of the featured items on today’s menu:

Roasted Red Pepper Soup
Chicken Creole
Seasoned Pork
Snap Peas
Roasted Vegetables
Brown Rice
Scallion Noodles
Chocolate Brownies

Truly, the Heartwood Cafe stands out as a terrific spot to pick up a quick meal to enjoy with friends, or to take “to-go” back to your apartment or cottage.

Interested in learning more? Call us at 973-276-6700 or click here to send us an email. We’d love to show you around our wonderful community!


Election Day 2016: Crane’s Mill Residents Head to the Polls

Remember to vote today!

A wonderful reminder to vote thanks to the United States Postal Service and their 1977 "Americana" series

A wonderful reminder to vote thanks to the United States Postal Service and their 1977 “Americana” series

At Crane’s Mill, transportation is always included, and election day is no exception. In fact, the Crane’s Mill buses are heading to the polls at four different times throughout the day—a convenient point for those taking advantage of other amenities such as the 10:00 a.m. morning lap swim or having lunch with friends at The Heartwood Cafe.

Speaking of the Heartwood Cafe, as the weather gets cooler, the cafe’s seven-day selection of spectacular soups is becoming even more popular. Resident and staff favorites include Italian wedding, cream of turkey, Manhattan clam chowder, and minestrone.

Want to try the Heartwood for yourself? Click here to visit our contact page to schedule a tour, and we’ll be sure to treat you to lunch.

Towne Square: Our Community’s Central Spot

Any visit to Crane’s Mill starts with Towne Square—the community’s central spot for activities, dining, entertainment, and more!

Towne Square – the center of it all

A short, indoor walk from every apartment, Towne Square boasts a number of important destinations for our residents’ daily life. Each of our dining venues are located right in Towne Square. So, if you’re interested in a five-course, restaurant-style dinner in the Candleberry, a quick a-la-carte bite from the Heartwood Cafe, or groceries from the Corner Market, you simply follow the signs toward Towne Square.

Fitness and exercise are paramount as we age, and our gym and indoor pool are located just around the corner in the north end of Towne Square. We have aquatic fitness classes, water walking, and water aerobics in the pool, and a personal trainer and high-tech equipment in the gym.

Hinman Hall is right near the main entrances, and plays host to a variety of programs each week ranging from morning fitness classes and afternoon dance to informational lectures and live entertainment.

Bridge is a popular game at Crane’s Mill

For those looking to relax and spend time with friends, the Cherry Blossom Lounge provides a rich, club-like environment for games of Bridge and big screen TVs to watch the game.

Plus, we have a changing art gallery (this month we’re showcasing works from the Millburn Short Hills Art Cetner ), a bountiful library, and our resident-run Gift Box.

So, when you visit Crane’s Mill, be sure to take a walk around Towne Square and explore all the community’s central spot has to offer.

The Crane’s Mill Flexible Meal Plan – Here’s How it Works

We get a lot of questions about the outstanding dining experience here at Crane’s Mill, many of which concern how our meal plan fits in to our residents’ monthly fees.

Dig in to the info below—it should provide you with a solid overview of how the plan works. If you have additional questions, please reach out to us via email at cranesmill@lsmnj.org.

  • The Crane’s Mill Flexible Meal Plan is designed to give residents an array of choices in how and when they dine in the community.
  • Each resident has the flexibility to choose to eat more than one meal per day, or space out their use of flex dollars as they please.
  • Every 3 months, each resident receives a set amount of flex dollars to spend as they wish.
  • The amount is enough to purchase up to a five-course, restaurant-style dinner every night in the Candleberry Dining Room.
  • All 3 meals are available a la carte in the Heartwood Cafe. Meals are served cafeteria-style and vary in pricing.
  • Residents can also spend flex dollars in the Corner Market grocery store.
  • Flex dollars carry over from month-to-month, but do not carry over to the next quarter.
  • Should a resident spend more than the allotted amount in a given quarter, the resident is billed for what they owe on their monthly statement.
  • If a resident leaves the community for more than 30 days, the resident will receive a meal credits on their next bill.