Crane’s Mill: a Certified Wildlife Habitat

If you’ve visited the Crane’s Mill campus, you may have noticed small animals such as American Robins and Canadian Geese, and larger ones like wild turkeys and stunning families of deer who call Crane’s Mill their home. You may have also noticed the sign stating that the Crane’s Mill campus is a Certified Wildlife Habitat.

Certified by the National Wildlife Federation, Crane’s Mill, a continuing care retirement community in West Caldwell, NJ, contains “all the basic habitat elements needed for wildlife to thrive,” including:
Providing food for wildlife
Supplying water for wildlife
Create cover for wildlife
Give wildlife a place to raise their young


We at Crane’s Mill are proud of our certification, and invite you to come visit our community see its beauty for yourself!

The Polar Express: A Look at our Residents’ Very Special Holiday Train Display

Crane’s Mill residents concoct, conduct lovely locomotives.

Crane’s Mill is a special community in large part because of its residents. Many come from Northern New Jersey and beyond, bringing their individual backgrounds and traditions to our lovely community. The holidays are a great example of many different residents coming together and celebrating, embracing their traditions and making new ones along the way. Here’s a great example of a wonderful Crane’s Mill tradition:

Tucked away in a corner of the Sycamore II building at Crane’s Mill is a magical train set created by a group of our most passionate and imaginative residents. Small in scale and big on creativity, this tiny town features a number of engines, box cars and a caboose or two. The tracks wind around many detailed buildings while rolling hills and life-like trees line the landscape.

We were lucky enough to be privy to its location, and are happy to share some photos with you below. Enjoy!

New Crane’s Mill Residents Welcomed In Style (As Always!)

This afternoon, we’re holding one of our regularly scheduled New Resident Mixers!

Crane's Mill residents socializing in Towne Square

When a new resident moves to Crane’s Mill, they are immediately welcomed by our Transition Counselor, along with many other staff members, and our resident-run welcoming committee. The idea is to make the person’s move to Crane’s Mill seamless, comfortable, and fun!

During their first week, new residents enjoy dinner invitations, a review of the activities calendar with our Director of Community programming, an overview of their apartment or cottage with our maintenance staff, and so much more.

In addition to this individualized attention, about every other month, we like to put aside an afternoon for our brand-new residents to come together with our resident welcoming committee and key staff members at our New Resident Mixer.

The mixer is a casual way for everyone to get to know each other. Wine, hot hors d’oeuvres, and more are served as new and existing residents mix and mingle. Then, staff introduces themselves, and each new resident tells the group a little bit about themselves.

We love hearing everyone’s stories of growing up, their professional careers, family lives, and what brought them to start this new chapter in their lives at Crane’s Mill.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day from your Friends at Crane’s Mill

We hope your St. Patrick’s Day is filled with fun!

At Crane’s Mill, our residents are gearing up for our annual St. Patrick’s Day social, which is typically well-attended, and is always a blast. You can bet there will be plenty of green clothing and accessories, and perhaps an Aran sweater or two!

Happy Saint Patrick's Day from your friends at Crane's Mill