Independent Retirement Living with Added Peace of Mind

Actual button is far more discreet :)

What’s the first thing we do when we get up in the morning? Typically, we head to the bathroom to get ourselves ready for the day. At Crane’s Mill, in each master bathroom there is a small button that’s part of our “I’m ok” system.

The “I’m ok” system adds a sense of security and peace of mind for residents and their family members. Here’s how it works:

Each morning, we ask that our residents simply push that button to let our concierge know that you’re up and at ’em. Should a resident not press the button by a certain time, our concierge will make a phone call to make sure the person is ok. If there’s no answer, our team will go to the person’s apartment or cottage and knock on the door.

The “I’m ok” system truly is a great way to make sure everyone at Crane’s Mill is enjoying the retirement they deserve—one that’s full of fun and friends and free of fretting.

Plus, if a person should not feel well at any time, our 24-hour emergency pendant system provides around-the-clock emergency response for all of our residents.

Independent retirement living that’s luxurious and secure—that’s what residents at Crane’s Mill enjoy. If you’re interested in learning more, visit our contact page to schedule a tour.

Wellness and Healthy Aging

At Crane’s Mill, our independent living residents have supportive services at their fingertips to help them stay active and healthy as they age.

A Crane's Mill resident visits the Wellness Office

A Crane’s Mill resident visits the Wellness Office

Crane’s Mill residents enjoy the privacy, independence, and luxury they’ve earned with the peace of mind that comes from knowing that world-class healthcare is only a short, indoor walk form their front doors.

The Wellness Center is located just steps away, and is home to our medical director, wellness director, and a number of specialists including a podiatrist, gastroenterologist, chiropractor, and more. Residents can utilize the Wellness Center to have their vitals checked, have blood drawn, or for a variety of other healthcare services.

On the home front, help is available at the push of a button. Upon moving to Crane’s Mill, each resident receives an emergency pendant that works anywhere on the campus. Pushing the button sends a signal directly to our nursing department, and the emergency is addressed promptly by a medical professional.

Did You Know? Every Crane’s Mill Resident Receives an Emergency Pendant.

Every Crane’s Mill resident becomes linked to of our emergency response system, providing a system of checks and balances that gives residents and their family members a sense of security and peace of mind.

Actual button is far more discreet :)

Upon moving to Crane’s Mill, every resident receives two key ways to stay in touch: an emergency pendant and the “I’m OK” system.

The emergency pendant is similar to what you’ve seen on TV. Essentially it’s a little button you wear around your wrist or on a necklace, and if there is an emergency, you simply press the button and our medical staff is notified. The pendant contains something similar to a GPS system, and the control desk is able to pinpoint your location regardless of where you may be on campus—your apartment, a common area, in the hallway, etc.

Since we are attached to a licensed skilled nursing facility, a medical professional will promptly address your emergency and help you take the next steps (a visit to the wellness center, a call to your family, or a visit to the emergency room, for instance).

The other part of our emergency response system is something we like to call the “I’m OK” system. In every apartment and cottage, there is a small green button in the bathroom. All we ask is that when resident wake up in the morning, they press the button to let us know they are up and doing OK.

By doing so, a signal is sent to our front desk. By mid-morning, our concierge will look at the system and see if anyone has not pressed their button. In the case that the button has not been pressed, the concierge will place a phone call to the person to touch base and make sure they are OK. If the person does not answer, a member of our team will go to the apartment to ensure that nothing is wrong.

This system is a huge benefit not only to our residents but to their family members as well. Each day, a resident’s family can take comfort that even though their family member is living independently, Crane’s Mill is checking up on them, addressing any concerns, and making sure they’re living their life to the fullest.

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Emergency Pendants Provide a Sense of Security for Independent Residents

We talk a lot about the wide array services and amenities at Crane’s Mill. We even go as far as calling Crane’s Mill “Northern New Jersey’s premier retirement community.” Certainly there are lots of options for active, independent seniors, so we find it important to explain that it’s more than just beautiful apartments and wonderful amenities that draw people to become Crane’s Mill residents.

Upon move-in, each independent resident is given an emergency pendant that can be pressed at any time to alert our Wellness Director that something isn’t right. Perhaps you’ve taken an unexpected fall or you’re just not feeling well.

Since Crane’s Mill is home to a 24-Hour Health Center, someone from the staff is only steps away from your front door, and will pay you a visit to make sure you’re ok.

This is just one advantage of living in a Continuing Care Retirement Community such as Crane’s Mill—you have the privacy, independence and luxury you’ve earned with easy access to expert care should you ever need. Now that’s more than just a competitive advantage or marketing language. It’s security, peace of mind and a smart step towards adding a level of certainty to an uncertain future.