5 Fun Ways for Seniors to Keep Cool as Summer Approaches

It’s starting to really warm up here in New Jersey! With the season about to change, here are 5 fun ways for seniors to keep cool!

Crane's Mill resident reading a book in our library.

Crane’s Mill resident reading a book in our library.

1. Visit your local library. The library has come a long way in recent years, transforming into a multi-media haven not only reserved for the newest books and periodicals—there are DVDs, CDs, and so much more available for free. Why not stop by the library, grab a gripping novel you’ve never read, check out a movie you’ve heard good things about, and pick up a CD of hits from your youth. Before you know it, you’ll have spent hours perusing all sorts of fun stuff, and you’ll be prepped and ready to embark on number two on our list…

2. Enjoy the air conditioner. There’s nothing quite like the modern comfort of a simple air conditioner. Whether it’s a window unit or central air, take advantage of staying indoors during the heat of the day. Experts say the sun is strongest from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., but be sure to check your local forecast for when the heat and sun will cause the most damage for the day, and choose those hours to sit back, relax and enjoy a book, movie, tv show, some music, or make a long overdue phone call to a loved one. Here’s an air conditioning tip: make sure you or someone you trust cleans your air conditioning filters and preps the system for the summer so you can enjoy the cool, clean air once it’s needed.

3. Visit a museum. Chances are, there are local museums that you haven’t visited in a long time, and some you may have never yet experienced! At Crane’s Milll, we have an array of museums nearby in Montclair, Morristown, and of course New York City, and we arrange trips out to each of them on a regular basis. To get started, look in the local paper or search the web for the latest exhibits and classes. Many are free or discounted for seniors.

4. Volunteer for a good cause. So many local charities and organizations need help, and with key personnel on summer vacations, sometimes they need an extra hand or two to help out. You may find yourself doing something simple like stuffing envelopes or something more involved like coordinating a charity drive or laying out a fundraising journal. Since school is out of session, ask if you can bring along a grandchild or niece or nephew so you can spend some quality time doing something new and interesting.

The stage is set for a fun way to stay cool!

The stage is set for a fun way to stay cool!

5. Take in a matinee. Whether it’s a musical, drama, or even a movie, the theatre is always a fun time. Sure, this one might cost a little more than the other suggestions on the list, but there’s no harm in treating yourself once in a while. Plus there are likely senior discounts on what might already be discounted matinee prices. It doesn’t need to be Broadway either—look in the local paper or search the web for community theaters and other groups who perform in the summer. You may find something you’ve never seen before or discover a new take on an old favorite.

How do you like to keep cool in the summer? Click here to send us an email…we look forward to hearing your suggestions!

Crane’s Mill Resident Featured in Art Show

Crane’s Mill resident Eva Bouzard-Hui is back in the news.

Eva Bouzard-Hui shows off artwork

Eva Bouzard-Hui shows off artwork

Eva Bouzard-Hui, a resident at Crane’s Mill, will be a featured artist in an exhibit at The Ethical Culture Society located in Maplewood. The show, which will debut on January 4, will featured Dr. Bouzard-Hui as an artist and art teach, having taught art in grades K -12 in the public school system in Caldwell, and in several colleges in the area. She also taught life drawing at Columbia Teachers College where she earned her doctorate in Art and College Teaching. Her most recent teaching experience was at the Crane’s Mill Day event this past September, where she mentored budding artists in the community.

Above: Dr. Bouzard-Hui displays one of the works of art that will be included in the January exhibit.

Celebrating Crane’s Mill – A Closer Look at the Exhibit by Lynne Palmer

Join us for a closer look at “Celebrating Crane’s Mill”, Lynne Palmer’s exceptional Crane’s Mill-themed exhibit.

After speaking with Lynne Palmer about her exhibit, she graciously allowed us to photograph and share the paintings with you, our readers.

We are thrilled to display them here. These represent just some of the great pieces on display in the Towne Square Gallery until August 30. We encourage you to stop by to view them for yourself.

Celebrating Crane’s Mill – Exhibit by Local Artist and Crane’s Mill Resident Lynne Palmer

This month in the Towne Square Gallery, Crane’s Mill residents and guests can enjoy a colorful oil and watercolor interpretation of the campus in an exhibit titled “Celebrating Crane’s Mill”.

Local artist and Crane's Mill resident Lynn Palmer poses with one of 50 paintings in the "Celebrating Crane's Mill" exhibit.

Local artist and Crane’s Mill resident Lynn Palmer poses with one of 50 paintings in the “Celebrating Crane’s Mill” exhibit.

The featured artist is Crane’s Mill resident Lynne Palmer, who began to embrace her artistic side full-time after retiring in 2008 from a 40-year career as a social worker. Lynne’s exhibit is a thoughtful yet whimsical collection of the community’s people, landscapes, and wildlife.

The resident portraits shine as a vibrant reminder of the community’s personality. “I chose to paint friends and neighbors with whom we have a true connection,” said Lynne, who moved with her husband Archie from Glen Ridge to Crane’s Mill in 2013.

The artist displays a distinct style, a wide range of talent, and a love for her new home, all of which are evident in such paintings as Into the Woods, a watercolor scene showcasing the community’s snow-covered grounds, and Sunrise Over 315, an early-morning oil painting featuring the rich reds and oranges of a morning sky over the Palmer’s own cottage.

Mrs. Palmer, who has studied at the Oakside Cultural Center, the Yard School at the Montclair Art Museum, and The Art Garage, also hones her skills by participating in the weekly Crane’s Mill Artists’ Enclave—a Saturday morning program at Crane’s Mill in which a number of artistically inclined residents meet to paint and share inspiration.

“It’s important to continually work at your craft to improve,” explained Lynne. “I paint almost every day.”

“Celebrating Crane’s Mill” is on display until August 30th at the Towne Square Gallery at Crane’s Mill, 459 Passaic Avenue, West Caldwell, New Jersey. For more information please call 973-276-6700.

Crane’s Mill Residents Display Art at Montclair Gallery

State of the Art 2014, an exhibit of Studio Montclair, features the artwork of two residents of Crane’s Mill. Eva Bouzard-Hui’s work is a photograph entitled The Beggar, and John Brown’s work is a collage entitled Howling Wolf. The exhibit is on display through April 25, 2014 at the SMI Gallery, 33 Plymouth Street in Montclair. Gallery hours are from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Crane's Mill Residents Eva Bouzard-Hui and John Brown at the SMI Gallery in Montclair, NJ