February at Crane’s Mill: The Fun Didn’t Stop as the Temperatures Dropped

Snow, ice, and, record low temperatures didn’t get in the way of an especially fun February at Crane’s Mill. A few highlights from the month included live entertainment, exercise classes, and two very special holiday socials.

Valentine’s Day

Crane's Mill residents enjoying the chocolate fountain at our Valentine's social.

On February 13, our residents kicked off their Valentine’s celebration one day early with a social in Hinman Hall. The afternoon included an assortment of sweet treats complete with a chocolate fountain for dipping. Fruit skewers, pretzel rods, and marshmallows—the sticky, gooey crowd favorite—proved perfect for a warm chocolate coating before indulging.

Music from crooner Mark Fabian delighted the crowd. Mr. Fabian’s set included his smooth take on jazz standards and sweet serenades, which were soulfully delivered and certainly suitable for dancing.

Chinese New Year

Residents in the Cherry Blossom Lounge for Chinese New Year.

On the following Friday, February 20, Crane’s Mill residents enjoyed a Chinese New Year party in the Cherry Blossom Lounge. The lounge was outfitted with all sorts of festive decorations including traditional red paper lanterns.

The “Year of the Sheep” was ushered in with style. The get-together was complete with dumplings, egg rolls, fortune cookies, green tea, and more. Plus, each attendee received a small, decorative red envelope called a “lai see packet.”

Upon opening the packets, residents discovered an artificial Chinese coin with a hole in the center—a replica of those given out in traditional lai see packets—which represents good luck and fortune in the new year. Residents also found an American penny. Meredith Wu, Director of Community program explains: “I thought residents should have both a Chinese coin as well as a real piece of American currency to wish them good fortune within our own fiscal system.”

One final treat: the lai see packet contained a Chinese candy that is shared with friends and family during the New Year celebration. It is typically placed in a tray, along with other sweet treats, and kept by the door for all visitors who come throughout the nine-day holiday.

These special gatherings are just two of nearly 200 on- and off-campus activities planned every month at Crane’s Mill. Be sure to keep up with all the latest at facebook.com/cranesmill.


Back-to-Back Excitement for Patrons of the Arts at Crane’s Mill

Our February 2015 Millstream Activities Calendar is packed with fun! This month’s calendar includes a multitude of live stage shows, both on campus and off!

Many Crane's Mill residents are patrons of the arts

If you’re a Crane’s Mill resident, and you’re a fan of the arts, including live theater and music, then you’re in luck. Each month, our Activities Director works hard to both bring live entertainment to Crane’s Mill, and plan off-campus trips to local performances.

Take today and tomorrow for example:

This afternoon, our residents will enjoy “In the Car with Blossom and Len” at the Centenary Stage in Hackettstown, NJ.

Tomorrow, two programs are on the agenda: first, a trip to the JCC to see the West Orange High School Jubilee Choir. Then, after a five-course dinner in the Candleberry, residents can walk right across Towne Square to take in The Spirit of Jewish Musical Vaudeville in Hinman Hall.

Talk about variety, convenience, and entertainment! That’s just a small glimpse into what’s offered here at Crane’s Mill each month. To see for yourself, visit our Millstream page to check out all of the month’s activities, and be sure to check back as we are always updating our calendars!

Family Thankful for Father’s Care

We are proud to share this letter we recently received from a resident’s family.

Our father passed away in his sleep at age 84 on Dec. 27. He was a resident at the Crane’s Mill Health Center, and while we are all sad at his passing, we are happy that he was well cared for, had minimal pain, and has joined our mother.

We, his children, very much appreciated the care and love the Crane’s Mill staff showed toward our father. Everyone, including the social worker staff, the skilled nurses, and the doctors were especially kind to our father during his residence at Crane’s Mill for the months of November and December.

Physician Assistant Patel and many of the excellent nurses come to mind, but frankly, there are so many who deserve our thanks and gratitude.

We know that our Dad liked residing at Crane’s Mill very much, and was appreciative of the care. Please know that all of you have our genuine and sincere thanks, and we are grateful to everyone who was involved in making him feel warm, comfortable and at rest.

Fairfield, New Jersey

Plan Your Next Visit to Crane’s Mill

The Crane’s Mill Event Calendar is updated often with fun programs, activities, medical lectures, cooking demos, open house tours, and so much more!

A shot of staff members hosting Mardi Gras in Hinman Hall

Looking for a fun activity? Interested in learning more about the latest in health & wellness? Curious about touring our cottages? Then you should take a look at the Crane’s Mill Event Calendar!

We are constantly updating our schedule with all sorts of great programs. If you see one you like, simply call the phone number noted (or click to send an email) and we’ll call you back to confirm your attendance. It’s that easy!

Once you’re here, you’ll be directed to the right place to enjoy your program, and have the chance to tour Towne Square after. Plus, chances are you’ll meet Crane’s Mill residents and staff, eager to share their experience as part of one of the premier retirement communities in the area!

Plan your next visit to Crane’s Mill—visit the Event Calendar today!