Crane’s Mill “Stories” Profile Residents of New Jersey’s Premier Retirement Community

Here's a look at our wonderful new ad campaign

You may have seen our brand-new ad campaign in the newspaper. If you haven’t, we bet you will soon. It features beautiful portrait photography of Crane’s Mill residents sharing their own retirement stories.

At Crane’s Mill, we know that every retiree has a story to tell. For many of our residents, retirement is just the beginning of their tale.

By clicking above you will see the first the series. Please be sure to check back often as many more of our residents are eager to share their own personal stories with you.

To schedule a visit to Crane’s Mill, please call us at 973-276-3001 or simply click here to send us an email. We look forward to meeting you and hearing your retirement story.

The Best Retirement Location in New Jersey?

If you’re searching for the best retirement location in New Jersey, you won’t need to look any further than Crane’s Mill in West Caldwell.

Earlier this year, our friends at Inside Jersey magazine wrote an exciting cover story on “Jersey’s Best Places to Retire.” Here’s an excerpt of how the magazine selected towns for the list:

“Using a specific methodology to narrow our search, Inside Jersey looked at cost of living and crime rates, culture and camaraderie. We tallied available health care services, including licensed internists, hospitals and long-term care agencies that provide preventive, rehabilitative and therapeutic services to patients in their homes. We tracked down museums, playhouses, art galleries, historic sites and other recreational opportunities. And we looked at each town’s unique character and livability. For example, can you walk to the local grocery store on well-maintained sidewalks? Are public and other transportation options readily available? What makes each town particularly welcoming to older adults?”

If Crane’s Mill were a town, it would likely rank #1. Here’s why:
Cost of living—Everything is included, from property taxes to housekeeping.
Available health care services—On-site health center and easy access to 3 top area hospitals (Mountainside, Morristown Medical and Saint Barnabas)
Long-term care and rehab—Top-rated health center provides care exclusively designed for seniors
Culture—We’re close to many museums, playhouses, historic sites and more. Plus, we bring in top performers, programs, lectures, and Towne Square plays host to an art gallery every day of the year, with art rotating every month.
Can you walk to the local grocery store?—You bet. We have a grocery store, The Corner Market, in Towne Square. It’s connected to every single apartment.
Public Transportation?—It’s included for every Crane’s Mill resident. Daily trips to shopping, errands, malls and more. Plus 4 doctor visits each month. No pass or cash needed, just say “hello” to the friendly driver and you’re on your way.

That’s quite a list, and really those are only the beginning of why Crane’s Mill is such a wonderful community for senior living. The apartments and cottages are simply extraordinary. Maintenance, landscaping and linen service are all included. The staff is top-notch, knows our residents by name and is available 24-7 in case of an emergency.

Ready to rank us for yourself? Stop by for a visit and peruse the Towne Square art gallery or call us at 973-276-3001 to schedule a tour.

Did You Know? There are brand new independent living apartments available at Crane’s Mill.

Most people in the Essex County, NJ area know that Crane’s Mill opened in 1998. The community is regarded throughout Northern New Jersey as a truly desirable retirement location, known for its friendly residents, excellent food and the ambiance of Towne Square, its central location for dining, activities and more.

What you may not know is that in 2010, Crane’s Mill cut the ribbon on 75 brand new apartments and cottages through its Creekside expansion. The homes feature 9 foot ceilings, updated appointments and open floor plans for easy entertaining.

In Creekside, there are plenty of brand new homes available that have never been lived in, and are ready for new residents to move in. There’s a wide variety to boot, including The Park, a cozy one bedroom, and The Ravine, an airy two bedroom, two bath (here’s a link to a previous post with some great images).

What makes Crane’s Mill special is that in addition to a lovely apartment, residents enjoy top-notch services and amenities along with the security of knowing that the on-site health center is just steps from their front door.

Truly, these homes must be visited in person to see how truly wonderful they are. You can call us at 973-276-3001 to schedule a tour or simply click here to send us an email and we’ll set up a time that works best for you.


Do You Remember New Jersey’s Drive-in Movie Theaters?

At Crane’s Mill, we have residents from many different areas. Of course, being in Northern New Jersey, we have a large number of people from Essex, Bergen, Passaic and Morris counties. Many of our residents who have New Jersey roots will certainly remember the state’s fabulous drive-in movie theaters.

Recently, (the website for the Star Ledger newspaper) featured a piece on one of the nation’s largest drive-in movie theaters, located just a few miles away in Newark, NJ. It’s a wonderful read, and this author is eager to head out to Towne Square to hear our residents reminisce about these once prevalent open-air picture houses.

More Details on the Crane’s Mill Health Fair

We have some exciting new details about our upcoming community health fair. The event takes place Saturday, September 15th from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm. There will be fun, interactive sessions all day long.

At 11:00 am, there will be a very special interactive Zumba class. Guests are invited to join in the fun and try out this exciting exercise routine.

So, what exactly is “Zumba” you ask? Zumba is an aerobic workout based on Colombian dance moves. Recently, its popularity has grown as more people are finding it a way to both stay in shape and bring a smile to their faces. At the Crane’s Mill Health Fair, you will be able to give it a try and see why this workout route in is catching on for people of all ages.

Best of all, the Zumba instructor that will be on hand is certified in training seniors in this entertaining take on exercise.

There will be more updates on the Health Fair in the coming weeks. Please join us—who knows, you may just find a new way to stay healthy and fit!