The Crane’s Mill Courier Blog Celebrates its Two Year Anniversary

The official blog for Northern New Jersey’s Premier Retirement Community celebrates its second anniversary!

Happy Second Anniversary!

Please join us in celebrating another great year of blogging in the Crane’s Mill Courier! Throughout this past year, we’ve had the privilege of reporting on so many exciting things happening here at Crane’s Mill. We even had our residents and staff members pitch in with their story ideas.

Looking forward to the year ahead, we’re going to share even more with our readers, including resident profiles, interviews with staff, event coverage, and exclusive looks inside our community.

Plus, we’ll have many more photos to show and stories to share.

They say the traditional second anniversary gift is cotton … so, as an anniversary gift to you and to ourselves, let’s review a few of our favorite cotton-related stories from the second year of the Crane’s Mill Courier … enjoy!

Fleece blankets were all the rage during this past cold, snowy winter season.

We wore our nifty Crane’s Mill cotton polos at our Annual Community Health Fair.

Our second annual Easter Egg Hunt saw a visit from Peter Cottontail.

The dining staff provided cloth napkins to guests at the Fall Cooking Demo.

We examined the fiber of retirement communities with Retirement Living 101—what questions you should ask when visiting a retirement community.

Ok, we admit it, that last one was a stretch, but we really do love that article and had to find a way to share it with you once again.

Besides, an anniversary is a celebration spun from a blend of what’s important, what we love, and what we share. It’s those key elements that have kept the Courier going strong for two years, and will keep the news, stories, and images from Crane’s Mill continuing for many exciting years to come.

Photos from the Crane’s Mill Interfaith Passover Dinner

Crane’s Mill residents, staff, and guests joined together for a special Passover dinner on Wednesday, April 16th.

Last night’s Interfaith Passover Dinner represented much more than a simple holiday meal. The evening was filled with great friends, laughter, and learning. Our Jewish residents played host to people of many different faiths, leading to a true integration of tradition and culture.

Guests learned about Passover traditions not only through stories and anecdotes, but also by engaging in tradition themselves through enjoying traditional Passover fare (click here to see the menu).

Below are just some of the images we were lucky enough to capture. Please enjoy, and check back often for photos, stories, and more from Crane’s Mill.

Crane’s Mill Hosts First Ever Interfaith Passover Dinner

Crane’s Mill residents of Jewish faith, along with their friends and family members, will come together this evening for a very special holiday dinner.

A Traditional Seder Plate

For the first time in the community’s history, Crane’s Mill in West Caldwell, New Jersey, is hosting an Interfaith Passover Dinner.

At Crane’s Mill, we tend to each of our residents’ religious and spiritual needs. In many cases, special meals are a key component to fulfilling said needs.

The planning for this special event has been months in the making. It started with our director of dining services doing what she does best—staying on top of the year’s calendar, and working with our residents to make sure all holidays and special occasions are marked appropriately. For our Jewish residents, the Spring holiday of Passover is of course a landmark event.

This year, our residents decided it would be a great idea to open the dinner up to people of all faiths, so they could enjoy the holiday as a community, and those of different faiths could better understand their traditions. To help further the discussion, each table will have a Jewish resident to help share the Passover traditions.

The event grew larger from there. What started as a small gathering has grown to a group of over 115, and the dinner has moved from its original location in Hinman Hall to its new home in the Candleberry Dining Room.

Here’s a look at the menu:

Gefilte Fish with red horseradish
Matzo Ball Soup
Baked Sweet Potato
Choice of Beef Brisket or Baked Chicken
Dessert Buffet
Matzo Bread
Coffee, tea and Grape juice
Seder Plate at each table

We’re so excited for this special holiday. If you’re interested in learning more about Crane’s Mill, please call 973-276-6700 or click here to send us email.

Introducing Tech Support with Savvy Students

A Free Service for Crane’s Mill Residents

Crane's Mill now offers its residents tech support provided by students from James Caldwell High School

Did you know? Tech-savvy students from James Caldwell High School are now available on a weekly basis to provide our residents with assistance with their technology needs.

The service is free, and open to all Crane’s Mill residents. To make use of the service, residents are asked to fill out a tech support request form, which are available on the table outside of the Activities office.

Public computers in the library and lounges (located in Sycamore I & II and Creekside) can be reserved for tech support appointments. Students will make “service calls” to residents’ apartments if assistance is needed with immobile/connected devices (desktop computers, televisions, home phones, cable connections, etc.).

Examples of “technology” include:
Computers (desktop and laptop)
Microsoft Word (word processing)
Cable/Internet/Phone Connections (Verizon, Comcast)
DVD Players
Computer Programs
Cell Phones
Smart Phones (iPhone, Android, Windows Phone)

Residents or family members with questions about the program may contact Meredith Wu, Director of Community Programming, by calling 973-276-3012, or click here to send her an email.