Apartment Spotlight: Essex and Fairfield—Two Uniquely Elegant Senior Living Apartments

We’re excited to feature two unique senior living apartments—The Essex and The Fairfield.

The Essex and The Fairfield are independent living apartments, each featuring a spacious master bedroom, cozy den, full kitchen with modern appliances, plenty of storage including walk-in closets, plus a private, screened-in porch.

In addition, The Essex boasts two full bathrooms, while The Fairfield offers an oversized living and bedroom.

Click on the floor plans below to take a closer look and decide which is more your style—then be sure to make an appointment to see them in person by calling 973-276-3001 or by clicking here to send us an email.

It’s Groundhog Day on the Crane’s Mill Courier!

Have you seen the movie Groundhog Day? It’s a modern classic starring Bill Murray. If you have, you’ll realize at least some irony in our repeating of last year’s post about the prognosticator of prognosticators, Punxsutawney Phil—the world-famous groundhog!

Continue on for a complete overview of Groundhog Day through history!

Did you know that the first took place on February 2, 1887? Follow the link below to learn more about this fun day, its meaning, and how we came to rely on a cuddly creature to predict the duration of our winter season!

Here is the link to History.com, which includes facts, trivia, and more about this famous forecasting rodent’s big day!

Inside the Crane’s Mill Woodworking Shop

Did you know that Crane’s Mill residents enjoy their very own woodworking shop?

Crane's Mill residents enjoy their very own woodworking shop.

Crane’s Mill residents enjoy their very own woodworking shop.

The tradition continues at Crane’s Mill!

Behind an unassuming (locked) door next to our beauty salon/barber shop and across from our activities room, the woodworking shop provides our residents a dedicated space for everything from simple whittling to complex builds.

Since 1998, the shop has produced all sorts of resident-made treasures—our library’s bookshelves, the walking trail’s duck boxes, and furniture throughout the campus, to name a few—that stand proud today, and that we are sure to enjoy for years to come.

The shop includes complex power tools, hand tools, all sorts of wood, plus paints, stains, and glues to complete any project.

Are you a woodworker? Have you produced something you’d like to share with our readers? Click here to send us an email, and we just might feature your work in a future Crane’s Mill Courier article!


Famous Leap Year Birthdays: Celebrities We Love Born on February 29th

Imagine being born on February 29?

Crane's Mill Wayback MachineIs it true if you’re born on February 29, do you age at a quarter of the speed? If your birthday only comes along once every four years, that trade-off seems fair to us!

Here are some of our favorite celebrities that we were surprised to learn were born on this date unique to leap year!

Dennis Farina (1944-2013) – former Chicago policeman turned Law & Order favorite was seen on many movies and television programs through the years.

Monte Kiffin (born 1940) – NFL Super Bowl-winning defensive coordinator and father of current college football coach Lane Kiffin.

Michele Morgan (born 1920) – the French film star, who turns 95 this year, is known mostly for her European work, but also star alongside Hollywood royalty Frank Sinatra and Humphrey Bogart.

Al Rosen (1924-2015) – this Major League Baseball third baseman won a World Series in 1948, and went on to become a multi-time All Star and 1953’s American League MVP.

Dinah Shore (1916-1944) – famous singer and actress whose career spanned four decades, including a string of 80 charted pop hits in the 1940s and 1950s.

Do you know someone with a February 29 birthday? How and when do they celebrate? Click here to send us an email, we’d love to know!

Explore the Crane’s Mill Health Center

Have you watched the new Crane’s Mill Health Center video yet?

It’s a 4-minute video tour of our renowned on-site healthcare facility, including assisted living, memory support, skilled nursing, and rehabilitation. Check it out below, and be sure to send us an email to let us know what you would like to see us film next!