Celebrating Memorial Day at Crane’s Mill

Today, we take time to remember those who gave their lives for our freedom.

We are blessed to have many service veterans here at Crane’s Mill, and we would like to take a moment to thank them for their service.

This morning, there will be a very special Memorial Day program in Hinman Hall, followed by a BBQ lunch, and at 2:00 p.m. the Patriot Brass Ensemble will perform live for our residents!

Happy Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day


Elder Law Questions Answered at Recent Crane’s Mill Program

Crane’s Mill recently welcomed Thomas Murphy, Esq., for a special presentation on Elder Law, including answers to top questions he receives in the field.

The following is a recap of this particular presentation and is for informational purposes only. This post does not constitute legal advice. For your personal situation and planning, it is best to contact an attorney.

The main topics from Tom’s presentation included the following:

Crane's Mill couple meets with elder care attorney.

We learned the importance of key planning documents.

Key Planning Documents
Ownership of Assets
Estate Planning

Key Planning Documents

We are all faced with a number of financial and medical decisions throughout our lives. As Tom notes, “we will all have a period of time in which we are disabled and cannot make our own decisions…the only question is will this last one minute or one year?”

In order to make sure our wishes are carried out, it’s important to have documents clearly stating our intentions. It’s equally important that our designees know where to find said documents, as they are not useful if no one knows where to find them.

In general, Tom suggests three key documents for planning: a financial power of attorney, a healthcare power of attorney, and a living will. Contact an attorney to find out which documents are needed for your personal situation.

Ownership of Assets

Tom presented a lively discussion on asset ownership that involved many questions from the audience. What kind of assets are considered “highly appreciated” assets? What do they mean for your future and your estate? How are your bank accounts set up—individual, joint, P.O.D., P.O.A.? The description is important depending on what you specifically want to achieve.

Estate Planning

The third portion of the presentation focused on estate planning. There was a discussion on inheritance tax, and state and federal estate taxes. We learned that the inheritance tax is not applicable to spouses, children, and grandchildren. We also learned that taxes can be paid by the estate or by the person receiving the inheritance, so it’s important to spell out your personal wishes in writing as to how you would like your estate handled.

All in all, it was quite an eye-opening presentation. It got us thinking about our own documents and affairs, and how having everything in order, and continuing to ensure things are in order, can take a real burden off ourselves and our loved ones.

Why Settle for Less than the Best in your Retirement?

Retirement is the time to treat yourself, and Crane’s Mill offers its residents the very best in accommodations, amenities, healthcare, and more. PLUS, for a limited time, your move to Northern New Jersey’s Premier Retirement Community is FREE. Read on for details.

We’re not a high-rise. We’re  Not Boring. We’re uniquely Crane’s Mill.

Why settle for less than the best in your retirement?

Why settle for less than the best in your retirement?

Crane’s Mill is artfully designed and built specifically for seniors. Residents have a choice of living in one of our three interconnected buildings or a free-standing luxury cottage home. There is truly plenty of room to move around, walk your dog, bird watch, read a book, or meet a few friends for a game of bridge.

In addition, we include an array of services and amenities. Residents enjoy restaurant-style dining, state-of-the-art fitness center, indoor pool and hot tub, various activities, entertainment, and so much more. Plus the comfort that comes from knowing that world-class healthcare is available should the need arise.

Act now and receive expert help with your move…free of charge!

For a limited time, Crane’s Mill is offering all new residents a $2,500 MOVE-IN CREDIT which can be used for just about anything related to moving, for example:

Professional Organizers
New Furniture
New Television
Personal Upgrades to Apartment or Cottage
And Many Other Options!

All of our new residents will be greeted on their first day by our transition counselor who will provide personal concierge services during their move. In addition, a made-to-order lunch will be delivered right to your door for you and your family.

Call 973-276-3001 or click here to send us an email for more information.

Celebrating Older Americans Month!

Join us in celebrating Older Americans Month!

Each May, we give thanks and celebrate a number of occasions: we’ve had dozens (and dozens and dozens!!) of floral bouquets delivered for Mother’s Day, our plants and trees are blooming, and the birds are chirping up a storm!

On top of all that, it turns out that May is also Older Americans Month! Plus, it’s the 50th anniversary of the Older Americans Act, aimed at promoting healthy aging and tackling serious issues that older members of our population may face, like disease and abuse.

At Crane’s Mill, residents are at the forefront of healthy aging. Each apartment is connected to Towne Square, providing indoor access to exercise classes, a state-of-the-art fitness center, indoor pool, and so much more. So, regardless of the weather, residents have access to an array of options to stay active.

A slightly further walk north (also completely indoors) takes residents to our wellness center. There, residents have access to our Wellness Director—an RN whose job is to manage the health and well-being of our independent living residents—as well as our Medical Director, an array of specialists, and even access to lab work. Imagine that—an early morning walk through our interconnected buildings to have a fasting blood test, followed by breakfast in the Heartwood Cafe!

Follow this link to learn more about the Older Americans Act.

We’re happy to celebrate this month, and are always looking for new ways to keep our residents happy, safe, and healthy as they age. To learn more about Crane’s Mill, call 973-276-6700 or click here to visit our contact page. We look forward to hearing from you!

Coming Monday, May 18 – WomanSONG Intergenerational Chorus

We’re excited to announce that the WomanSONG Intergenerational Chorus & Metropolitan Woodwind Ensemble will perform live for our residents in Hinman Hall!

The chorus is directed by Fran DePalma-Iozzi of Caldwell, and the woodwind ensemble features Louis Iozzi of Caldwell and cellist Allegra Whiting of West Caldwell.

150514-pro-ent-womansongphoto44csStay tuned to the Millstream for monthly updates on our resident calendar of live entertainment, activities, trips and more.